How do I add additional contacts to my account?

In this Article

  • Add additional contacts
  • Configure previledges for each sub-contact

You can add additional contacts to your Web Assist account from the Client Area.

You can configure what privileges these sub-contacts receive including:

  • Allow sub-contact access to your Web Assist Client Area.
  • Sub-contact can receive account emails including:
    • General Emails – General Announcements & Password Reminders
    • Product Emails – Order Details, Welcome Emails, etc…
    • Domain Emails – Renewal Notices, Registration Confirmations, etc…
    • Invoice Emails – Invoices & Billing Reminders
    • Support Emails – Allow this user to open tickets in your account

To add a new contact:

visit the Client Area and click ‘Edit Account Details’ then click the ‘Contacts/Sub Accounts’ button as seen below:

How to Add an Additional Contact to my Account

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