How Do I Apply A Discount Coupon Code To My Order?

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  • Apply a discount code when ordering a new service
  • Apply a discount code during checkout

To apply your discount coupon code, when ordering a new service or product (checkout) simply type or copy & paste the discount coupon code into the discount coupon code box during the checkout.

Steps to Apply Discount Code:

  1. Order your new service and follow the steps in the order process, this may be a few steps before you can apply your discount coupon as your discount needs to be applied to the entire order.
  2. Once you are at the “Review and Checkout” page find the “Apply Promo Code” box towards the bottom of the page.
  3. In that box enter your discount coupon (promo code) and click the “Validate Code” button to apply your discount coupon.
  4. If your coupon is valid it will be applied to your order and you can continue with the checkout.

And voila! Your discount is applied to your order.

Please Note, if a discount coupon code has expired or the product in question does not quality for the discount saving, the discount will not be applied. For any queries or assistance please contact Customer Support.

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