How do I find my Affiliate code?

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  • How do I find my Affiliate Code?
  • How does my Affiliate Code work?
  • Find links to banners you can use on your own site and to send to your audience.

Earn commission and create a tidy extra revenue stream by referring your friends and family to Web Assist. Activate yourself as an Affiliate and follow the steps below.

  1. From any page in the Client Area, click the “Affiliates” link.
  2. Once on the Affililates page you’ll find your unique Affiliate referral link. You’ll also find lots of banners you can put on your website use to link to us from your website.

How Do You Use Your Unique Affiliate Referral Link?

Simply give that unique referral link to anyone. When they visit Web Assist using that link our system automatically “links” them to your affiliate account using a cookie. This lasts for 90 days, so even if they don’t immediately sign up for a product, and only order later, you still get your commission. It’s an awesome way to earn extra income by doing nothing more than giving someone a link. It couldn’t be easier!

For more informaton on how our affiliate system works visit our Affiliates page.

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