How do I create a new Database in cPanel

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  • How to create a new database in cPanel
  • How to create a new database user in cPanel
  • How to add the new user to the database
  • How to grant database privileges to the new user

Here’s how to create a new MySQL database in cPanel:

  1. Login to cPanel
  2. Find the “Databases” section and click “MySQL Databases”
  3. In the “Create new Database” field type in your new database name and click “Create Database
  4. You’ll see a prompt telling you your new DB has been created, click the “Go Back” button
  5. Create a new user for the database by scrolling down to the “MySQL Users Add New User” section
  6. In the “Username” field type in the new database users name. Type in a password or use the “Password Generator” tool by clicking the button.
  7. The click “Create User“, a prompt will confirm the user has been created, click the “Go Back” button to continue
  8. To allow the user you just created to access the newly created database, you’ll need to add that user to the database. Scroll down to the “Add User To Database” section.
  9. To do this: Select the user you just created, Select the Database you just created and click “Add
  10. On the next page “Manage User Privileges“, click “All Privileges” and click “Make Changes

Congratulations, you’ve new created a new MySQL database, created a user for the database, added that user to the database and granted full privileges.

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