How do I use the Calendar feature in my WebMail?

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Your Calendar feature in your webmail is a free powerful tool to help you stay organised.

You can schedule your tasks using the Calendar feature in WebMail allowing you to stay on top of your appointments and to do items.

Here is a common list of features included with your webmail and how to use each feature:

Create multiple calendars:

  1. Click the Calendar tab at the top of your WebMail.
  2. Click on the + symbol on the bottom left of your Calendar.
  3. Enter a name for your calendar and choose a colour scheme.
  4. Voila, you’ve now created an additional calendar.

Select the calendar you wish to use:

  1. Click the calendar in the lower left menu area.
  2. You can now add events for that calendar.

Create a new event in your calendar:

  1. Choose the event event in the month view.
  2. Choose the event start time.
  3. Click into the half hour block at the event time.
  4. The event is now created.

Edit an event in your calendar:

  1. Double-click the event.
  2. Edit the event.
  3. Click ‘Save’.
  4. The event is now edited.

Delete an event in the calendar:

  1. Double click the event.
  2. Click ‘Delete’.
  3. The event is now deleted.

You are also able to synchronise your Calendar across many devices, using CalDAV.

Sync your Webmail calendar to your device as follows:

  1. Open the Calendar feature on your device.
  2. Choose ‘Subscribe to a Remote Calendar’ or ‘Accounts’.
  3. Choose ‘CalDAV’
  4. Enter theCalendar URL for your Server Address as follows:
Where is your email address

  1. Enter your email address for the User Name, if necessary.
  2. Enter your password for the Password, if necessary.
  3. Save your changes.
  4. Your WebMail calendar will now sync with your device calendar.

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