South African SMTP Settings (Outgoing Mail Server)

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  • List of South African SMTP server settings
  • Covers most South African ISP’s

Here is a list of the most common South African SMTP settings or outgoing mail server settings:

  • 8TA –
  • @lantic –
  • ABSA – or
  • Afrihost – (ADSL, ISDN, Dial-up)
  • Cell C –
  • CyberSmart – or
  • Global –
  • goggaconnect –
  • Iafrica – or
  • iBurst – or
  • Internet Solutions(ADSL) / (56k Dial-up) / (3G) or
  • MRP Mobile (Mr Price Mobile) – (you can try this as some clients report it works, if not try other Cell C SMTP settings)
  • MWEB(ADSL) / (56k Dial-up)
  • MTN – or
  • Neotel –
  • NetActive –
  • Nexus –
  • Nokia / OVI – or
  • Polka –
  • SAIX (Telkom) –
  • Sentech –
  • Telkom – (ADSL) or or / (56k Dial-up)
  • Tiscali –
  • Vodacom – or
  • Web Africa –
  • Vox –

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Web Assist provides all hosting accounts with their own SMTP server or outgoing server with the following settings: – substitute “your-domain” with your actual domain name. Thus if your domain was your smtp server would be  For more info view this Help Centre article on how to setup SMTP for your Web Assist hosting account.

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    1. Athlone Harris-Compton

      Hi Rodney

      Thank you for your question, I’m happy to help.

      I don’t have those on-hand. I’ve reached out to the support and am awaiting feedback. Once I have that I’ll update our SMTP settings and send you the link.

      1. Athlone Harris-Compton

        Update: Rodney I’ve tried calling FREDD numerous times and sent three emails to FREDD support with no response. If you can provide alternate contact details I’m happy to pursue those to get updated details for FREDD to add here?

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