How do I set up a mailbox using IMAP on my device or email program?

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Let’s walk through the process to set up a mailbox using IMAP on your device and/or email program.

You’re able to setup our standard and premium mailboxes on your device or through your email program (e.g. Outlook) with a POP3 connection or an IMAP connection. (We recommend POP3).

By using an IMAP connection, you can have multiple devices and programs simultaneously connected to the same mailbox.  For example, you can have email on your phone, your tablet, and your computer, and when you delete a message from your phone, it will also be deleted on your other devices.

The way your device or mail client is designed may be different than how other programs or devices work, with different names for the same steps.

Your device or email client should have specific information on how to add new mailboxes and set up mailboxes, but there are general steps required to complete the process.

  1. When selecting the type of account, select IMAP.
  2. Your User Name is your full email address.
  3. Your Password is your mailbox password, which you can find in your maXpanel Control Panel.
  4. Your Incoming Mail Server and Outgoing Mail Server are both mail.(domain), where you replace (domain) with your domain name e.g. if your domain is it would be

So, for example, if your name is John and your domain name is as in the example above:

User Name:
Password: your password as set in your maXpanel control panel when setting up the mailbox
Incoming Mail Server:
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):

In the Advanced Features for Outgoing Mail Server, there may be some additional settings that need configuring.  Ensure that:

  • You are using the default ports (25, 465, 587) (try each as your ISP may block a particular port).
  • You are not using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
  • You are using Password for Authentication

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