How do I setup all my email to forward to another email address?

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All your email settings can be controlled through your maXpanel Control Panel.

1) Simply log into your control panel and select ‘Email Configuration‘.
2) From the next menu you should select ‘Catch All Email forwarding‘.

From here you can add a catch all address or delete an existing one.

Note – if you have any other mailboxes or forwarders setup they will all still accept mail for those respective addresses, ‘everything else‘ will go to the catchall.

2 thoughts on “How do I setup all my email to forward to another email address?”

    1. Athlone Harris-Compton

      It would be the following process:

      With email forwarding you can send a copy of emails received by your email address to another email address or multiple multiple email addresses.

      1. Login to konsoleH
      2. On the left select Mail
      3. Then select Manage Accounts
      4. Select the particular mailbox you’d like to setup a forward for, and click Edit
      5. You can use the dropdown to select a current mailbox on the domain to forward to, or even type in a different email address
      6. You are able to delete a forward by following the above steps and then removing the address already listed
      7. Finally click Save and voila! Your forward is setup

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