How do I login to webmail on cPanel

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  • Login to cPanel Webmail via Direct Link.
  • Login to cPanel Webmail via cPanel.

Every Web Assist cPanel hosting account comes with email accounts that all include webmail access.

Two ways to access and login to cPanel webmail:

1) Directly Login to WebMail:

Login to your cPanel webmail account directly via a link as follows:

  1. Visit (replacing ‘yourdomain’ with your domain name) e.g. If your domain name was, in your web browser you would type to visit your webmail login page.
  2. Then insert your email address & email password.

2) Login to Webmail via cPanel:

You can check your webmail from cPanel as follows:

  1. Login to cPanel (see this tutorial on how to login to cPanel)
  2. Find the Email section then click Email Accounts.
  3. On the appropriate mailbox click Check Email.
  4. You will then be logged into the webmail for that particular mailbox and voila.

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